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רוצים לשפר את מראה הרחובות? להכניס חיים לכיכרות ולצמתים או לפארק המקומי?

הכירו את עמודי תאורת הרחוב הדקורטיביים שלנו!

שיחת וואטסאפ עם מפטאקס תאורה

Our poles

שיחת וואטסאפ עם מפטאקס תאורה

why to choose our lighting poles


Diverse Range of Designs

Our poles elevate the look of any area with styles that fit classic, modern, or contemporary aesthetics.

High-Quality Materials

Crafted from high-grade materials, our poles resist harsh weather and corrosion, ensuring long-lasting performance.


Ready to make the leap into the future of city decor?

Contact us today and let's transform your cityscape together.


Easy Installation and Maintenance

Engineered for simple setup and minimal upkeep, our poles save you time and resources, with support available for a smooth installation.

Light Integration

For cities looking to enhance their nighttime landscape, many of our sculptures incorporate innovative lighting solutions that illuminate their features after dark.

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